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We would like to thank everyone for taking the time to visit our corporate website. WebContents, Inc is an interactive online media company based in LaGrange, IL, a few miles just west of Chicago. Our company specializes in website development, content delivery and search technology. We also remain very active in the domain name marketplace by frequently buying and selling many online assets and properties.

WebContents retains a large domain portfolio that currently delivers over 3 million unique visitors to our network each month. Our extensive network covers all major industries and sectors, with an extremely unparalleled emphasis in regard to current and emerging technologies, medical and the pharmaceutical sectors.

WebContents also assists all business irregardless of size in order to help acquire, retain and develop their online presence though our direct sales channel of premium and highly marketable Internet domain names.

WebContents also markets additional services for your added convenience such as domain name registrations and transfers, low-cost/high-quality web hosting, personalized email packages, free DNS/MX record management, free URL forwarding or redirect and many more add-on services in order to maximize your Internet presence and experience.

There are also many more exciting developments in the works at WebContents. Please stay tuned as our planned expectations and future offerings are going to be quite explosive.

WebContents.com is a joint venture between DEC Investments (LaGrange, IL) and the Realistec Technologies, Inc (LaGrange, IL), formerly known as the DotaCom Corporation (Orland Park, IL).

WebContents, Inc and WebContents.com site are registered trademarks of WebContents, Inc.

Realistec Technologies, Inc and Realistec.com are registered trademarks of Realistec Technologies, Inc.

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